Luxe and large scale is big sister Studio Botanic's niche

Luxe and large scale is big sister Studio Botanic's niche

By Nadia Travaglini

Luxe and large scale is big sister Studio Botanic's niche

 You’ve recently moved to a new showroom on Gilbert Street – tell me about this space.

We moved to Gilbert Street in the last week of July. It has a consultation space where I can sit with clients and like-minded creatives to build ideas and concepts or share a glass of bubbles before a bride and groom’s big day.

I want the space not only to be a place of work, but an experience for all my clients, colleagues and industry peers. Almost like they are stepping into a family home, and a creative safe space.

So you specialise in large-scale, but can people still buy a bunch of flowers from you?

We’re not a retail florist as such, although we do make bespoke gifts for clients on occasion. I also run BloomBar, a retail flower shop in Marion Shopping Centre. This has allowed me to keep all my full-time staff employed and my bills paid during COVID. Having the retail business was designed to keep my staff employed through the off-season we have at Studio Botanic.

Your creations really are like art – where do you get your inspiration from?

Amazing floral artists like Mary Lennox in Berlin [and] Makoto Azuma in Japan are definitely people I am constantly watching and so inspired by. I draw inspiration from the boundless talent that comes out of so many Australian floral designers like Cecilia Fox, Seed and Mi Violeta, but really, I get inspiration from everything – life, nature, colour, movement. The floral industry is an ever-growing and everchanging landscape.


What’s the best thing about your job?

The creative freedom I am given by my clients. I really appreciate the trust people have in me to be able to deliver them something custom designed, just for them. I love to make a connection with my clients, so in turn the trust and freedom I am given by them always delivers the best end result.