Native Flower Bouquets

A showcase of wild and unique native blooms. Give your loved one a beautiful native flower bouquet straight from the wilderness. Our native bouquets are professionally curated and styled - perfect for any type of occasion or taste! 

Want something special created just for you? Call our City or Marion store to have something custom made.

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Native flower bouquet delivery

Where does BloomBar deliver?

Bloombar offers native flower delivery all over Adelaide – from the CBD all the way to Seaford. Delivery costs will vary depending on your location. If you have any enquiries, please don't hesitate to contact our florist team in Marion or the CBD.

How do I order flowers?

  • Pick your native flower bouquet and add it to your cart. 
  • Choose between local delivery and in-store pick up. 
    • Same-day delivery orders must be placed by 11am.
    • In-person collections of native flower bouquets are available during opening hours of our City and Marion stores. 

Please note: 

  • Vases and cards are not included unless otherwise stated. 
  • Images are a colour and styling guide. There may be variations in our native flower arrangements due to availability and seasonality.
  • Instructions will be included about how to care for fresh flowers.

Native flower bouquet FAQs

What is a native flower bouquet?

It is a collection of freshly picked native flowers, paired with the best earth-toned and neutral flower arrangements. BloomBar offers a variety of vibrant and unique native flowers from Adelaide, such as proteas, bankisias, eucalyptus foliage and leucadendrons - depending on what's in season at the time! 

How do you care for a native bouquet?

Once you have received your native flower bouquet, we recommend that you place them into a vase filled with fresh water immediately. To extend their lifetime, we advise re-cutting the ends of the stems every few days, before you place them into water. Ensure you keep them in a cool area, away from direct sunlight and any extreme heat. 

Do I need to put native flowers in water?

To ensure your native flowers continue blooming and stay vibrant, we recommend that you place your flowers in fresh water that is filled to ¾ of the bouquet's height. This will need to be refilled every two days