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8 Most Romantic Flowers To Give To Your Partner

Looking to add a splash of romance to your relationship? Look no further than the language of fresh flowers! You’re sure to brighten up bae’s day with a bright floral arrangement – but which bouquet is the right one for their heart? We’ve looked at all the flowers on the market and compiled a list of 8 of the most romantic flowers for tugging at the heartstrings! So keep reading to feel the love and get inspired. 

Top 8 most romantic flowers

1. Roses

A popular one but for good reason! The classic rose is the ultimate symbol of romantic love. If you’re looking to add a little love to the air, then roses are the blooms for you. To make your bouquet a little more unique to the classic red roses, try pink or white roses, classy yet still guaranteed to make your partner feel the love. Even check out reflexed roses, for a fuller flower bouquet

Learn more: Reflexed floral technique

most romantic flowers to give your partner - roses

2. Lilies (Orientals)

With their range of unique ombre colouring, these florals scream romance. Their silky soft petals represent the tenderness of love and will make your partner feel all giddy and warm inside. They are an enchanting bloom and the perfect choice for date night, so why not surprise your partner with a bouquet and watch the romance blossom?

most romantic flowers to give your partner - oriental lilies

3. Carnations

Carnations – a classic flower with a romantic meaning. Their ruffled petals and inviting fragrance represent love and infatuation. Each colour range of carnations has its own symbol of love and, of course, red carnations are the symbol of deep love and passion, making them the ideal candidate to turn the night into a cheek-blushing fiesta!

most romantic flowers to give your partner - carnations

4. Tulips

The sweetest of the bunch, tulips make the perfect romantic gesture because they are both classic and timeless. Red or pink tulips, with their elegant petals, are so unique and sit so beautifully with some added foliage or baby’s breath – bound to make your partner feel butterflies!

most romantic flowers to give your partner - tulips

5. Orchids

Exotic, mysterious and undeniably romantic – yep, we’re talking about the orchid. With their delicate blooms and intricate patterns they are a symbol of luxurious elegance, love and romance. No doubt, one of the most romantic flowers to give your partner!

most romantic flowers to give your partner - tulips

6. Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums are one of the most romantic flowers because of their fullness and extravagant appearance. If you’re looking for a way to make a big statement and express your romantic love to someone, then this is the bloom for you. Chrysanthemums are the perfect flower arrangements that say ‘I love you’ in 100 different ways.

most romantic flowers to give your partner - chrysanthemums

7. Lisianthus

These charming flowers are the epitome of romance! They come in a variety of colours such as elegant, soft pastel bouquets as well as bright bold purples and pinks. With a sweet, lingering scent that fills the room, they symbolise deep, everlasting love. Romantic, right? Receiving a bouquet of lisianthus is guaranteed to make your partner's cheeks pink!

most romantic flowers to give your partner - lisianthus

8. Hydrangeas

These big, fluffy blooms are like clouds of romance and bliss! With their range of shades, this colourful flower arrangement is guaranteed to add excitement and romance to every room and every heart. Whether it’s a first date or your 10th anniversary, hydrangeas work for every romantic occasion! 

most romantic flowers to give your partner - hydrangeas

Unleash your romantic side with BloomBar

No matter the occasion, Bloombar has a romantic bloom for you! Whether you’re looking for anniversary flowers, a thinking of you bouquet or anything in between, we stock a generous range. We offer same day flower delivery in Adelaide so you can start spreading the love today! 

If you’re looking for a more personal bouquet to spark that romance, one of our experienced floral designers can help! Contact our City store or Marion store today.

Most romantic flowers: FAQS

What flowers symbolise romance?

Well roses, of course! A red rose is the ultimate symbol of romantic love and passion. However, the other flowers we listed above also represent different feelings of love and affection.

What flower is more romantic than a rose?

Ultimately it’s all up to personal preference, however, a popular choice for a romantic flower other than the rose is the red tulip. Red tulips hold a beautifully unique shape and an inviting fragrance that oozes desire and romance.

What flowers are flirty?

Ranunculus flowers, orientals and sunflowers are considered the flowers of the flirt! These flirty blooms are a great way to tell that special someone you’re thinking of them without coming on too strong.

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