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Why Do We Give Flowers As Gifts?

Have you ever wondered where the tradition of gifting flowers comes from? While the reasons why we give flowers have evolved, sending and receiving flowers will always hold a special place in our hearts. After all, they’re the perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and ‘get well soon’ occasions. To get you inspired, we’ve taken a look into the history of flower giving as well as why you should send a bouquet to your loved ones. Read on! 

The history of why we give flowers

If ancient tales are to be believed, flowers held an important place during the time of the Ancient Egyptians and Greeks. Flowers were often used as offerings to the gods, to show one’s love to a partner or within ancient tales and myths (like the stories of Hyakinthos and Persephone). 

But the symbolism behind certain flowers definitely comes from the Victorian era in England. Back then, flowers were used to send silent messages – they even created an entire language of flowers (known as floriography). Flowers could be used to say ‘yes’, ‘I declare my love’, ‘I’m thinking of you’ or even to show ‘disdain’ at a potential suitor’s attempts at wooing.

Nowadays, most of the meanings attached to flowers still hold true. Plus, flowers are a universally loved gift that can be a great alternative for words if you don’t quite know what to say. So let’s get into all the reasons why you should give flowers to your loved ones. 

Why give flowers to your loved ones? 7 reasons

When congratulations are in order

If your loved one has achieved a great feat, sometimes sending a congratulatory message isn’t enough.  Gifting flowers to your loved ones is a great way to express excitement for their achievements. Bright colored lilies, roses and tulips make great options for celebratory flowers.

To celebrate special occasions

Is your mum’s birthday coming up? Did your best friend just give birth? Or maybe Valentine's Day is around the corner. No matter the occasion, flowers are a great gift to make people feel special and celebrated.

To remind someone you are thinking of them

What better way to make your loved ones feel special than with a bouquet of flowers? Whether they’re going through a difficult time or if you just want to surprise them, it's never a bad idea to remind someone that you’re thinking of them.

To say sorry for their loss

When your loved ones are grieving, it can be difficult to support them through words alone. Sympathy flowers provide comfort and are a beautiful reminder that they are loved and supported during a difficult time. 

A token of appreciation

Want to remind your mother you appreciate everything she has done for you? Or maybe you want to express thanks to your boss who has been a great mentor. Everyone likes to feel appreciated for their efforts and what better way to do that than with a bouquet of flowers

A gift to someone you don’t know very well

Flowers are a universally accepted and liked gift. You know the times when you need to buy someone a present but you don’t know them well enough to know what they like? On those occasions, opt for a stunning bouquet.

To apologise for a mistake

 Have you messed up and hurt someone's feelings? A little sorry note with a bouquet of flowers is a great way to show remorse for your mistake. Follow up the bouquet with some chocolates to quickly win your loved ones back. 

Bloombar is here for your gifting needs

Now you know why we give flowers, it’s time to pick a bunch! At BloomBar, we have a large collection of flowers for every occasion. Order a gorgeous bouquet of flowers for your loved ones today. We offer same day delivery before 11am and click and collect at our Adelaide CBD and Marion store.

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