do guys like flowers on valentine's day?

Do Guys Like Flowers On Valentine’s Day?

By Nadia Travaglini

do guys like flowers on valentine's day?

Whilst flowers are traditionally recognised as a special gift for women on Valentine’s Day, there’s no reason why guys should be excluded. With this romantic holiday approaching, you may be wondering, do guys like flowers on Valentine’s Day? The good news is yes! Many guys really enjoy receiving flowers unexpectedly. So, luckily there’s no shortage of flower bouquets for guys at BloomBar. Read on to learn more and get inspired.


  • Do guys like flowers on Valentine’s Day?
  • Why should you give flowers to men?
  • What flowers do guys like?
  • What do guys like for Valentine’s Day?
  • What occasions are best to send guys flowers?

Do guys like flowers on Valentine’s Day?

You may not believe it, but guys actually do love a bright flower arrangement for Valentine’s Day (or any other occasion). In the 21st century, gifting flowers to men has increased in popularity, and they appreciate flowers just as much as women do. From roses and sunflowers to orchids and peonies, there are so many options out there that will impress your man.

Why should you give flowers to men?

Flowers are the perfect way to express your love and convey your emotions to a man on Valentine’s. Just like when men send women flowers, you are showing your admiration and love in the hopes of brightening his day and making him feel special. Flowers also come in a wide variety of unique shapes and colours, so you’re sure to find the perfect one! 

Purchasing a floral gift on Valentine’s Day isn't just limited to your romantic partner, you can also show your friend, father or brother how much you care with a special floral arrangement. 

What flowers do guys like?

We understand that choosing Valentine’s Day flowers for men can be difficult. However, we recommend choosing flowers that are bold in colour, uniquely shaped and feature a strong, spicy scent. The most popular choices for men include: 

  • Orchids: For a unique, sophisticated and gender-neutral flower, orchids are a great choice. These beautiful blooms will create a lasting impression, and are even said to improve productivity, concentration and efficiency. You can also choose from beautiful colours, such as white and pink. Orchids are also super easy to maintain!
  • Chrysanthemums: Loved for their bold petals and unique shape, chrysanthemums are a go-to Valentine’s flower for men. They feature a fresh,  earthy and slightly herb-like scent. Chrysanthemums also symbolise friendship, happiness and well-being, making them the perfect flower for representing how special he is in your life. 
  • Roses: Red roses are the symbol of passion, desire, love and romance. If you’re really unsure what flower to give a man in your life, you can never go wrong with a bouquet of red roses. Not only will he be impressed by the bold colours and delicate petals, the scent will also draw him in. 
  • Hydrangeas: These wonderfully unique flowers feature an abundance of delicate flowers in a round shape. Hydrangeas symbolise love, gratitude, grace and beauty. You can also choose from a range of stunning colours, including pink, red and white. 
  • Sunflowers: Express your unconditional love and faith with a beautiful bouquet of sunflowers. These radiant flowers will be sure to brighten up his Valentine’s Day. They are also a symbol of friendship, and would make the perfect gift to represent the strong bond between friends. 
  • What do guys like for Valentine’s Day?

    Aside from sending flowers for Valentine’s Day, we have plenty of other gift ideas that they will love! 

    What occasions are best to send guys flowers?

    Now that you know the answer to ‘do guys like flowers for Valentine’s Day’, there are plenty of other suitable occasions for gifting a man flowers. They include: 

    Celebrate Valentine's Day with BloomBar

    If this blog has answered your question ‘do guys like flowers on Valentine’s Day’, there's no better time to purchase a gorgeous bunch of Valentine’s Day flowers. At BloomBar, we offer a range of finely curated bouquets from neutral flower arrangements and everlasting flowers to pastel bouquets, native flower bouquets and more. If you want to send some Valentine’s Day flowers to someone in Adelaide or have any enquiries, please contact our City store or Marion store today.

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