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Can You Give Flowers For Christmas? 8 Stunning Festive Options

Come Christmas time, we’re all on the hunt for the perfect gifts for our loved ones. While jewellery, gift cards and clothing are popular, you can never go past a beautiful flower bouquet. But if you’ve never sent a bunch of blooms before, you might be wondering, can you give flowers for Christmas? The answer is a resounding yes! Read on to learn more as well as some Christmas flower inspiration.

Can you give flowers for Christmas?

Absolutely! Christmas is the perfect time to send flowers to your loved ones. At BloomBar, we offer unique Christmas bouquets such as our Festive Bouquet and The Party Starter vase trio. And, if you’re looking for something extra, we also stock our holiday themed Loco Love Chocolate and Willow Evie Candles.

Our Marion store will be open until Christmas Eve. Our city store will close at 5pm on Friday the 23rd of December. We will also be delivering everyday until then!

can you give flowers for christmas

Are flowers a good Christmas gift?

There are many reasons why people love to give flowers for Christmas. Flowers help to express joy, appreciation, thoughtfulness and love. Plus, they are also great for people who are particularly hard to shop for.

Our 8 favourite Christmas flowers


Red roses are perfect for every occasion - especially Christmas! They match beautifully with the bright red and green colours of the holiday season, and these stunning flowers work well to brighten up any space during Christmas time. To spice up your bouquet of roses, simply add some pinecones, green berries and rosemary!


Recognised as the universal symbol for the Christmas season, holly features sharp dark green leaves with brightly coloured red berries. They instantly make any bright flower arrangement look more festive. Holly can also be used as a base for your Christmas wreath and to decorate your Christmas pudding.


These beautifully unique flowers make for the perfect Christmas gift. They come in a variety of different colours including white, purple and shades of pink. These flowers will certainly add a pop of colour to anyone's home. We recommend placing them somewhere with plenty of light so they can last all season long!


These stunning flowers provide a great aesthetic to any space for the Christmas season. These unique flowers feature shiny, heart-shaped leaves that are bright in colour. We recommend choosing red anthuriums to deliver the Christmas spirit, and make sure to leave these in a warm and moist location. You can also ask the team at BloomBar to add these to any neutral flower arrangement for a pop of colour! If you’re looking for a custom bouquet, BloomBar will be happy to take your order in store or over the phone.


Hydrangeas are often popular flowers during the spring season, however their bright colours and full blooms are perfect for Christmas time. Symbolising beauty, gratitude and grace, these are bound to brighten up your friends and family members' mood this festive season. They are available in a range of vibrant colours, however we recommend opting for red hydrangeas to complement the colours of Christmas.


Let your friends and family enjoy the holiday cheer with a wild and wonderful native flower arrangement. Many native flowers are brightly coloured featuring many red and green tones, perfect for the Christmas season.


Similar to a rose, carnations are a popular choice for gifts as they feature double layered loose petals that are available in a variety of vibrant colours. For Christmas time, we recommend choosing red, white or multi-coloured carnations and pairing them with other vibrant blooms in a bright flower arrangement. Carnations symbolise deep love, affection, purity and luck.

Viburnum Berry

Viburnum berries make the perfect foliage to add to any festive bouquet. They are diverse berries that come in a range of colours, most commonly red, purple and green. They can also be used as decoration on Christmas wreaths and trees.

Pick a stunning bunch from BloomBar

So now that you know the answer to ‘can you give flowers for Christmas?’, it’s the perfect time to pick a floral arrangement for your loved ones. At BloomBar, we have a variety of blooms for every occasion - from graduations and anniversaries to birthdays and more! We even offer same day delivery flowers if you order before 11am. If you are looking to send flowers to a loved one or have any enquiries, please contact our City store or Marion store today.

Can you give flowers for Christmas: FAQs

What is the official December flower?

Holly is the iconic symbol of Christmas. The brightly coloured red berries and deep green leaves represent the colours during the festive season. They also represent defence and protection, and make for a great addition to any Christmas bouquet.

Can I give roses for Christmas?

Absolutely! Roses are one of the most popular gift giving flowers due to their elegance and beautiful smell. If you’re gifting roses for Christmas, generally red roses are the preferred flower as they fit with the seasonal colours and represent love, passion and beauty.

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