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Birth Flowers By Month & Their Meanings: A Guide

You’re probably familiar with your birthstone and zodiac flower, but did you know that each month has a dedicated birth flower? According to Roman traditions, birth month flowers are said to carry symbolic meanings and characteristics which help to determine your personality. 

Perhaps you want to fill your home with meaningful flowers that represent your birth month or give that special someone a beautiful birth flower bouquet. Or maybe you just want to learn more about these interesting blooms. No matter the reason, this is the perfect guide for you! 

Birth flowers by month:

January - carnation and snowdrop 

If you’re born in the month of January, carnations and snowdrops are the most meaningful to you. Carnations are the most popular January birth flower due to their unique ruffled petals and range of beautiful hues, from soft pinks and reds to whites, and more! Both these stunning flowers blossom in the winter time, however, you can still enjoy them all year round, even when there is snow on the ground! 

Carnations also have a rich history. It’s believed they blossomed from Virgin Mary’s tears when Jesus was carrying the cross, and they are known as remembrance flowers in the Netherlands to remember veterans in World War II. These gorgeous blooms also carry deep meanings that vary depending on their colour. However, across most cultures they are known to symbolise love, distinction, loyalty and fascination. 

Snowdrops, on the other hand, are small bell-shaped flowers that feature delicate white petals. They symbolise hope and rebirth, and are attached to personality traits such as loyalty, genuineness and being down-to-earth. 

February - violet, primrose and iris 

While many people assume this month is representative of roses because of Valentine's Day, February’s birth flowers are violet, primrose and iris. Violets are dainty flowers recognised for their bold purple tones and heart-shaped petals. They are even a popular leading ingredient in love potions and herbal remedies to prevent different illnesses. Violets symbolise faithfulness, spiritual wisdom and loyalty. Similar to violet, the iris is a bright purple flower that features unique, long petals. It is known to symbolise hope, wisdom and trust. 

If you’re interested in something more bright toned, the primrose is the perfect birth month flower for you! These come in a variety of different colours, including pale yellow and pink to bright blue and red! There are many myths surrounding primrose flowers and are even well-known as Shakepeare’s favourite flower. These fantastic blooms symbolise youth, renewal, beauty and optimism. 

March - daffodil and jonquil

The March birth flowers are daffodils and jonquils. Celebrating the start of spring (for some around the world), these cheerful and radiant flowers represent the blossoming of new and wonderful things. Daffodils feature vibrant yellow petals and a distinctive centre. They symbolise rebirth, new beginnings and unparalleled love. 

Jonquils are just another variant in the daffodil family. These look almost identical to daffodils, however they have bright white petals with a yellow centre. These carry similar meanings to daffodils, but they also symbolise desire and friendship. These flowers are attached to compassionate, dreamy, independent and loving personality traits.

April - sweet pea and daisy

Daisies and sweet peas are known as the April birth flowers. Whilst daisies are a more popular choice, sweet peas also make a great addition to any bright flower arrangement. Daisies symbolise innocence, bliss and purity. When gifting these, you can choose from a range of bold colours including white, yellow, red, pink and orange! Daisies also offer a range of health benefits and were even used by the Egyptians for herbal remedies. 

Sweet peas are available in a wide variety of hues, from purples and pinks to reds and whites. These delicate little flowers symbolise blissful pleasure, friendship, gratitude and farewells.

May - hawthorn and lily of the valley

The May birth flowers are lily of the valley and hawthorn. Popular amongst royal brides, lily of the valley features delicate little florets that carry a beautiful sweet scent. You will often see bridal bouquets featuring at least one sprig of these wonderful blooms. 

As lilies of the valley only bloom for a brief period of time, their associated meanings of hope, return to happiness, sweetness and humility are fitting. There are many legends surrounding these stunning flowers. Like the saying, lilies came from the tears that Eve shed when she was banished from the Garden of Eve with Adam. 

Hawthorns are unique flowers that feature bright white petals and distinctive antennas in the centre. They also have small red berries that can be used in any bright flower arrangement! Hawthorns represent hope, happiness and faith.

June - honeysuckle and rose

Both roses and honeysuckle are the June birth flowers. Known as the world's favourite flower, roses carry many meanings depending on the colour you choose, including deep love, romance, courage, purity, joy and beauty. They come in a range of bold and bright hues, from pink to red, white, yellow and more! According to the University of Illinois, Roses are said to be over 35 million years old and have over 150 different species across the Northern Hempisphere. 

Honeysuckle works hand in hand with roses, as they represent pure happiness, everlasting love and affection. These stunningly unique blooms feature a sweet smelling aroma and thin petals, which often range in colour.

July - delphinium and water lily

Delphinium and water lilies, the July birth flowers, are both very unique and bold blooms. The water lily is known for floating atop ponds of water and is said to symbolise innocence, purity, fertility and peace. After four days of flowering, water lilies will settle under the water, making them all the more unique! The purple varieties were even said to be a sacred flower to the Egyptians as they represented the sun and rebirth. Water lilies are also common in pink, white and red tones. 

Similar to the positive meanings behind water lilies, delphiniums, also known as larkspur, represent cheerfulness, goodwill, joy and beauty. These tall flowering plants are often used to add some interest to bouquets or even in a vase on their own. Larkspur are also seen in a range of different colours, from pink and purple to white and blue!

August - gladiolus and poppy

August’s birth flowers are known to be bright, beautiful and bold. Gladiolus are tall striking flowers that are sometimes referred to as the sword lily because of their thin and long shape. These are available in a range of stunning colours, such as pink, orange, yellow, purple, red and white.

Gladiolus were traditionally used for medicinal needs. However today, these blooms are used for decorative purposes in a variety of different bouquets, including bright flower arrangements, pastel bouquets and more!

Poppies are well-known for their bright red colour and black centre. They symbolise hope and remembrance, hence why they are worn to commemorate and respect the fallen soldiers in all Armed Forces.

September - aster and morning glory

The September birth flowers are aster and morning glory. Asters, also known as the frost flowers as they are known to bloom late into autumn, are unaffected by the cool, sometimes frosty nights. These delicate blooms feature tall and thin petals with a distinctive yellow centre, similar to daisies. If you’re picking out some asters for a flower bouquet, they are available in shades of purple, pink, yellow and white. Asters symbolise powerful love, strength, wisdom and faith. They are also a popular choice as they bloom all year round! 

Morning glories are dainty, yet visually striking flowers. They come in hues of purple, pink and blue, and feature a white or yellow centre. Morning glory symbolises love, life, peace and harmony.

October - cosmos and marigold

Cosmos and marigold are the October birth flowers. Cosmos are cute little flowers that bloom during the summer months and continue until the beginning of autumn. They are colourful and cheerful flowers that are available in shades of pink, red, orange, yellow and white. They are known to represent harmony, beauty, kindness, infinity and resilience. Originating in Mexico and South America, cosmos were commonly planted by priests to build harmony and order in their gardens. In modern times, cosmos are most commonly used to add a pop of colour to flower arrangements. 

Marigold flowers are highly unique in their shape and texture, and are also recognised for their bright orange and yellow shaded petals. However, they can also come in red and white varieties. These cheerful blooms represent prosperity, optimism and the rising sun. Marigolds also make the perfect decorative flower for the autumn seasons.

November - chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums are the official November birth flower. These are the perfect flower for autumn time due to their variety of bright and beautiful shades, from bright pinks and yellows to oranges, whites and more! They have a unique shape and perfectly aligned petals, making them all the more popular. These are known to symbolise friendship, happiness, well-being, romance and love. These bold blooms are beautiful in bouquets or can be added to a vase on their own to create the perfect centrepiece!

December - narcissus and holly

The December birth flowers are narcissus and holly. Although holly is technically red berries, they are the worldwide symbol for the festive season. They feature distinctive sharp leaves and bright red berries, and are known to represent fertility, eternal life, peace and goodwill. These are perfect for spicing up your Christmas wreath and can even be found in our seasonal Christmas bouquets

Narcissus, also known as daffodils, are symbolistic of vitality, faithfulness and inspiration. They are recognised for their triumph-like centre and are common in yellow and white shades.

Discover your birth flowers at BloomBar

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Birth flower FAQs

Why are there two birth flowers for each month?

Although each month doesn’t have two assigned birth month flowers, the majority do, as two flowers represent a variety of symbolic meanings that are significant to the particular month.

Who decided on the birth month flowers?

Birth month flowers are said to have originated during the roman times when celebrations such as birthdays began. The Roman people would decorate altars of Roman gods with flowers and even give them as presents.

How do I find my birth flower?

You just need to refer to our handy birth flower guide! But to summarise, these are the birth flowers for each month:

  • January: carnation and snowdrop
  • February: violet, primrose and iris
  • March: daffodil and jonquil
  • April: daisy and sweet pea
  • May: lily of the valley and hawthorn
  • June: rose and honeysuckle
  • July: delphinium and water lily
  • August: gladiolus and poppy
  • September: aster and morning glory
  • October: marigold and cosmos
  • November: chrysanthemum
  • December: narcissus and holly

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