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8 Most Romantic Flowers To Give To Your Partner

Scented flower arrangements make for indulgent environments. With their strong, sweet scents, they create an incredible atmosphere and aroma. We explore the ten best smelling flowers to find the perfect natural perfume to fill a room. Prepare to be enchanted as we uncover the intriguing aromas of roses, gardenias, jasmine and more fragrant surprises! Read on to get inspired.

8 best smelling flowers for a nose-tastic bouquet

1. Roses

the 8 best smelling flowers - roses

Roses are the superheroes of smells! There are different types. For example, there are candy-scented ones that make you want something sweet. 

Additionally, there are strong scented roses that make you feel cosy. These sweet-smelling beauties are the perfect flowers for an anniversary or romantic date night.

2. Gardenias

the 8 best smelling flowers - gardenias

Gardenias (or Gardenia Jasminoides) is another flower of fragrance, with a sweet and sultry scent. It's like being in a tropical paradise, full sun, sipping on a fruity cocktail with a floral twist. These flowers are great for a spa day or fancy dinner party to create a calm or impressive atmosphere.

3. Jasmine

the 8 best smelling flowers - jasmine

Jasmine is undoubtedly one of the best smelling flowers in the world. A popular scent in the perfume industry with sweet floral notes and a hint of musk, these flowers create a beautiful smell for a romance or a peaceful evening outdoors.

4. Sweet-Peas

the 8 best smelling flowers - sweet-peas

Sweet-Peas! These flowers bring elegance and charm and match their name perfectly. A fragrance that blends fresh floral scents with a sweet, citrus twist. It's like strolling through a vibrant garden on a sunny day. The scent of sweet peas gives us a feeling of joy and warmth. The perfect flower for brightening up your day with a burst of their sweetness!

5. Orientals

most romantic flowers to give your partner - oriental lilies

Orientals range from sweet and dreamy to clean and refreshing fragrant flowers. You can find lilies with a fragrance that's reminiscent of tropical fruits or a fresh meadow after rainfall. Some Orientals even have a spicy scent to them! These pastel bouquets are perfect for creating a welcoming atmosphere in your home with their mix of colours in pink, purple, orange and pure white flowers. They also make ideal ”thinking of you” flowers!

6. Lavender

the 8 best smelling flowers - lavender

Lavender is like a zen garden. Calming and soothing, it has a soft herbal, almost smokey scent that quiets the mind and melts away stress. These vibrant blooms relax the body and help calm the soul. Perfect for bedroom bouquets or adding a touch of relaxation to your self-care routine. Lavender is also used as an essential oil to help reduce anxiety and improve sleep!

Learn more: The benefits of Lavender

7. Cymbidium Orchids

the 8 best smelling flowers - cymbidium orchids

Cymbidium Orchids are the sweethearts of fragrance, a subtle aroma filling the air with the delightful scent of vanilla and happy memories. It's like stepping into a lolly shop with musky, sweet treats all around you. Perfect for brightening up a room with their range of colours in pink, purple, white and shades of blue. They provide a cheerful aroma for everyone who experiences their fragrance.

8. Cherry Blossoms

the 8 best smelling flowers - cherry blossoms

Cherry blossoms are a floral delicacy, filling the air with a soft and enchanting scent. Incredible blooms that celebrate the arrival of spring, these flowers provide the perfect perfume for meditation and relaxation.

Experience the wonder of fragrance with BloomBar

And there you have it, an exploration of the wonderful world of scents through ten of the best smelling flowers you can find. Each blossom has its own unique fragrance and quality, capable of bringing joy, relaxation, freshness, and even romance to our lives. 

At Bloombar, we offer a large variety of floral bouquets. From bright flower arrangements and everlasting flowers to native flower arrangements and neutral colour flowers, there is a bouquet for everyone! You can also get in touch with our team to create something unique and completely special. Contact the BB team in our Marion or City today.


What flower is the most fragrant?

When it comes to fragrance, one of the most renowned flowers is the Rose. Roses are known for their captivating sweet smell that ranges from delicate to rich. With their wide variety of colours and fragrances, roses are considered a classic choice for their aromatic allure.

How long do flower scents last?

The duration of flower scents can vary depending on the type of flower and environmental conditions. Generally, the scent of freshly cut flowers can last anywhere from a few days to a week. Some flowers, like orientals, have longer-lasting scents that can fill a room for several days. 

What plants make your house smell fresh?

Orientals, tulips and Lily of the Valley will bring a fresh scent to your home. Other options are Mint, Lemon Balm, and Gardenia to create a soothing and uplifting atmosphere.

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