Do you give flowers at graduation?

Do You Give Flowers At Graduation?

By Nadia Travaglini

Do you give flowers at graduation?

Graduations are such an exciting time. They celebrate years of study, assignments, exams and (lots) of late nights. But do you give flowers at graduation? Absolutely! Graduation flowers are the perfect gift to celebrate the academic achievements of your loved one. We’ve put together this short guide on graduation gift etiquette and how to choose the best bouquet. Read on to learn more.


Do you give flowers at graduation?

The answer is a definite YES. Flowers can brighten and add excitement to someone’s special day. Graduation is a once in a lifetime event that will hold many special memories, so why not celebrate it with a beautiful bouquet of flowers! There are so many styles and arrangements to choose from too, such as pastel and neutral flower arrangements to bright flower arrangements. 

What is the etiquette for graduation flowers? 

If you are attending someone’s graduation, the perfect time to give a graduation flower bouquet is right after the ceremony has ended. It’ll be the perfect surprise and will also brighten up their photos. If you’re gifting flowers after a ceremony, make sure to let our friendly florists know, so we can prep your bouquet to last! 

If you can’t attend the graduation, we recommend sending the flowers to their home. So even though you can’t be there, your thoughtfulness will be appreciated. At BloomBar, we offer flower delivery all across metropolitan Adelaide. See if we deliver to your suburb.

What colour are graduation flowers?

Graduation flowers come in a range of vibrant colours! Depending on your loved ones favourite flowers and what you would like to convey, the colour may vary. Some popular flower colours include pink, red, blue, white, yellow and purple. 

What kind of flowers do you get for graduation?

We have a variety of flowers to choose from, so you can find the perfect match for your special graduate. Here is some flower inspiration to help you with your choice!


do you give flowers at graduation? - roses

Roses are one of the most iconic flowers, known for symbolising love. Although roses are often given to significant others, they can also be gifted to a graduate to represent affection and hope. 

We have a number of different coloured graduation rose bouquets that all have unique meanings. Depending on what you would like to convey to a graduate, the different rose colour meanings may help you out! 

  • Red: Red roses are known for representing love, beauty, courage, joy and purity. Their vibrant colour will be sure to make a statement!
  • Pink: Pink roses symbolise appreciation, gratitude, recognition and happiness.
  • White: White roses signify purity, hope, innocence and eternity.


do you give flowers at graduation? - sunflowers

Sunflowers are radiant, cheerful and bright – perfect to celebrate a graduation.  A bouquet of sunflowers will not only stand out, but will celebrate new beginnings and opportunities.


do you give flowers at graduation? - chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums are bound to make a statement in the room. These attention-grabbing flowers represent friendship, love, well-being and happiness. If your loved one is graduating soon, you can't go wrong with a unique bunch of chrysanthemums.

Native flowers

do you give flowers at graduation? - native flowers

Native flower bouquets are simply stunning. While the flowers depend on seasonality, you’ll often find Proteas, Bankisias, Eucalyptus foliage and Leucadendrons.


do you give flowers at graduation? - carnations

With their dainty ruffled edges, carnations are super popular for graduations. Plus, when they’re paired with other flowers, like roses and orchids, they’re sure to delight.


do you give flowers at graduation - orchids

Orchids are known to be one of the oldest flowers in the world. They are loved for their gorgeous and exotic beauty, and they symbolise love, luxury, strength and beauty. Gift your loved one a gorgeous bunch of orchids to make them feel appreciated on their graduation day. 


do you give flowers at graduation? - daisies

Dainty and oh-so-sweet, daisies are the epitome of simplicity and joy. While they’re gorgeous on their own, we recommend choosing a bouquet where they’re paired with roses or orchids. 

What are some other appropriate graduation gifts?

While gifting flowers is a popular choice, you may want to consider some other meaningful gifts to complement your flowers. Some popular gift ideas include: 

  • Chocolates
  • Greeting cards
  • Gin or sparkling wine
  • Flower vase
  • Luxury candle
  • Body oils 

Celebrate your loved one with a BloomBar bunch

So now you know the answer to ‘do you give flowers at graduation?’, it’s time to pick a bunch! At BloomBar, we have a team of experienced florists who will finely curate the perfect bouquet for any occasion. From congratulations and sympathy to get well flowers and more! If you are looking to send flowers to a loved one or have any enquiries, please contact our City store or Marion store today. 

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