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What Flowers Say Congratulations? - 7 Best Congratulations Flowers

Celebrating big milestones is always perfectly paired with a flower bouquet. But, what flowers say congratulations? Get ready for an adventure as we delve into the world of floral arrangements and uncover their ability to convey heartfelt congratulations. From vibrant sunflowers to timeless roses, discover the perfect congratulations flowers gift to those who deserve a little celebratory bouquet. Let's dive in and find out which flowers hold the key to celebrating with pure delight!

7 best congratulations flowers

1. Sunflowers

what flowers say congratulations - sunflowers

When it comes to expressing congratulations, sunflowers take centre stage with their vibrant and cheerful demeanour. These bright flower arrangements are the perfect congratulatory flowers to symbolise friendship, with their bold yellow petals and dark centres that express pure joy and positivity. The ideal flower arrangements to congratulate a friend on their dream job!

2. Roses

what flowers say congratulations - roses

Roses, with their timeless beauty and intoxicating fragrance, are renowned for their ability to express emotions, including congratulations. These classic blooms are available in a variety of colours that each carry their own symbolic meaning. Whether it's a single stem or a bouquet of luxury white roses, they have an unmatched elegance that conveys congratulations with grace and sophistication. The perfect type of flower to celebrate wedding anniversaries.

3. Tulips

what flowers say congratulations - tulips

Tulips are the perfect pastel flowers for expressing congratulations. Available in an array of colours that each represent different sentiments, tulips can be tailored to suit the occasion. Yellow tulips convey joy and happiness, while the pink flowers symbolise admiration and well wishes. The perfect flowers to congratulate family members and friends on milestones.

4. Daisies

what flowers say congratulations - daisies

For a lighthearted and playful way to say congratulations, daisies are an excellent choice. Their delicate petals radiate positivity and bring a sense of joy, making them one of the most popular congratulations flower arrangements. Whether in a bouquet or as a single stem, daisies spread happiness and offer a heartfelt congratulations that is filled with enthusiasm.

5. Orchids

what flowers say congratulations - orchids

If you're looking for a sophisticated and exotic way to express congratulations, orchids are the perfect pick. These unique blooms symbolise beauty, luxury, and accomplishment. With their intricate shapes and vibrant colours, orchids make a stunning statement. These elegant flowers convey a sense of admiration and offer heartfelt congratulations in a way that is elegant and genuine.

6. Orientals

what flowers say congratulations - orientals

For a touch of intrigue and mystique, oriental flowers are an enchanting choice to express congratulations. Oriental lilies, with their large and captivating blooms, exude elegance and sophistication. Their rich colours and intoxicating fragrance make a statement that is both exotic and alluring. Orange lilies are a great congratulations gift with their warmth and beautiful scent.

7. Carnations

what flowers say congratulations - carnations

Carnations are also a fantastic choice for congratulating someone special. These lovely flowers can convey joy, admiration, and celebration with their vibrant colours and intricate petals. Whether you opt for cheerful pink carnations to express your happiness and gratitude for someone's achievement, or bold red carnations to convey heartfelt congratulations, these blooms are the perfect gift!

Celebrate milestones with BloomBar

And there you have it! A list of congratulations flowers for your next big occasion! At BloomBar, we stock a variety of beautiful blooms for every occasion, from congratulations flowers and graduation bouquets to get well soon flowers and thinking of you flower bouquets. You can also reach out to our florists to create something unique and completely special. Contact the BB team in our Marion or City today.

What flowers say congratulations: FAQ

What colour roses should I choose for congratulations?

A bouquet of yellow roses is the perfect choice when it comes to expressing congratulations. The colour yellow is associated with joy, happiness, and positive energy, making it a vibrant and uplifting option for celebratory occasions.

How many roses do you get for congratulations?

Traditionally, a bouquet of 25 roses is often considered a significant and extravagant choice to express congratulations. However, the number of roses can be customised based on personal preference and the significance of the occasion.

What plant says congratulations?

As for plants that say congratulations, one popular choice is the lucky bamboo plant. This plant is often associated with good luck, prosperity, and success, making it an ideal gift to offer congratulations. We also offer a range of gifts to perfectly compliment your plant and flower delivery.

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