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What Flowers Do You Give For An Engagement? 6 Best Engagement Flowers

Flowers have always been the go-to gift for expressing love and joy, especially during the magical time of engagements! Flowers are a perfect way to celebrate an engagement, but, what flowers do you give for an engagement? Let's explore! Get ready to embark on a blooming adventure filled with vibrant bright floral arrangements, delicatepastel flower arrangements, and the sweet scent of love!

What flowers do you give for an engagement?

Bright coloured flower arrangements for engagements

Bright flower arrangements are a fantastic choice for engagements, as they symbolise energy, passion, and excitement. Here are a few floral gems that will add a vibrant touch to your special occasion:

1. Red Roses

what flowers do you give for an engagement - red roses

Nothing says "love" quite like a classic bouquet of red roses. These traditional flowers of love are timeless beauties and are a symbol of deep affection and romance. The velvety petals of red roses make them an elegant and bold choice to express your joy and happiness for the soon-to-be newlyweds!

2. Orchids

what flowers do you give for an engagement - orchids

Exotic and captivating, orchids are the perfect bouquet of flowers as they make a statement like no other flower. With their striking colours and intricate shapes, they symbolise rare beauty and a sense of passion. Presenting a flower bouquet with orchids is an exquisite way to convey your deep admiration and support for the happy couple.

3. Native

what flowers do you give for an engagement - native flowers

Celebrate love, engagements and the beauty of native flowers all in one. Native bouquets are a unique floral design to really charm the receiver. There are countless stunning varieties to choose from, each with its unique charm and significance. Native flower bouquets not only add a touch of personalisation but also showcase natural floral wonders.

Pastel floral arrangements for engagements

If you're looking for a softer approach with more heartfelt emotions, a pastel flower bunch is bound to spread love and congratulations to the happy couple. Pastel flowers are timeless bouquets that convey warmth and a touch of sweetness. Explore our top favourite pastel flower arrangements for engagements:

1. Chrysanthemums

what flowers do you give for an engagement - chrysanthemums

Delicate and charming, chrysanthemums come in a variety of pastel shades. These flowers symbolise loyalty and long-lasting love. Their gentle colours and intricate petals create an elegant and calming atmosphere, adding a touch of comfort and ease to the engagement celebration. Displayed beautifully in a pastel bouquet, these blooms are sure to make the newly engaged couple smile!

2. Orientals

what flowers do you give for an engagement - orientals

With their large, fragrant blooms, oriental lilies express elegance. They come in beautiful pastel shades like soft pinks, creamy whites, and blush tones. These blooms make a stunning statement and evoke a sense of softness and purity. These fresh flowers are also the perfect engagement bouquet for their sweet, musky scent! Orientals spread an aroma of freshness and create a welcoming atmosphere. 

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3. Delphinium

what flowers do you give for an engagement - delphinium

Delphiniums are known for their tall spikes of pastel-coloured blossoms, creating a dreamy display. These flowers symbolise an open heart and new beginnings, making them a perfect choice for an engagement bouquet. Delphiniums come in shades of lavender, light blue, and blush pink that will infuse your pastel flower bouquet and spread good luck and support!

Spread love and congratulations with BloomBar

And, there you have it! A list of colourful flower arrangements and pastel flower arrangements that are guaranteed to spread support and celebration during such a wholesome event! At BloomBar, we can help you find the perfect engagement flowers. From anniversary flowers and thank you flower delivery to happy birthday flowers and flowers for graduation, BloomBar has flowers for every occasion.  Looking to create something unique? Contact the BB team in our Marion or City today.

What flowers do you give for an engagement: FAQ

What flowers are appropriate for congratulations?

When it comes to expressing congratulations, sending flowers is a classic and thoughtful choice. Good choices for congratulations flowers are sunflowers, yellow daffodils, roses and any bright floral arrangements! 

What is an engagement rose?

An engagement rose typically refers to a rose that has been specially selected or named to commemorate this significant milestone in a couple's journey. Presenting an engagement rose to your partner can be a meaningful gesture to express your devotion and mark the beginning of your journey toward marriage.

What is a common engagement gift?

Popular engagement party gifts include:

  1.  Flower bouquets, which bring beauty and joy to the couple's home.
  2.  Wine or bubbles, to toast to their future happiness. 
  3.  Cash contributions, towards the wedding expenses. 

These engagement party gifts serve as gestures of love and support for the couple as they embark on their journey towards marriage.

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