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What is the most popular flower for Valentine’s Day?

The day of love is right around the corner! Another year of rosy cheeks and tummy butterflies. As we all know, fresh flowers are a popular gift on Valentine’s Day but what is the most popular flower for Valentine’s Day? Come explore the popular bloom that everyone’s got their eyes on and some other great options to consider for Valentine’s Day!

1. Roses

Well of course, red roses are the most popular flowers for Valentine’s Day and are the OGs of love and charm! These bright-coloured florals are here to add a touch of classic romance to your Valentine’s Day. Spoiler alert: Your lover's cheeks might just match the rosy red of these irresistible roses! They are the timeless symbols of love, continuing their reputation as the go-to choice for a classic and passionate Valentine's Day bouquet.

Just because roses are the most popular choice for Valentine’s Day, doesn’t mean that there aren’t other beautiful blooms that are going to sweep your partner off their feet. Let’s explore other Valentine’s Day flowers that are just as magical as roses!

2. Orientals

Orientals, the majestic blooms of the floral kingdom, are all about that grand romance! With their fullness and pastel colours, they're here to declare your love loud and clear. Choose lilies to add a touch of majesty to your Valentine's Day and have your sweetheart feeling like royalty!Popular for their elegant beauty, lilies make a bold statement of the day of love and are a popular choice when it comes to Valentine’s Day.

3. Orchids

Experience an exotic Valentine’s Day with Orchids! These unique beauties bring a touch of class and elegance to your Valentine's Day celebration and are sure to wow your Valentine. If you're aiming to impress your date, look no further—this floral choice is your perfect pick! And for an extra touch of charm, delve into Greek history with the Paphiopedilum orchid, a popular species named after the temple of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love.

4. Hydrangeas

What better way to say you love someone than with the loveable Hydrangeas.

With their light, fluffy petals they look like a beautiful bouquet of butterflies. 

Say it all with hydrangeas and have your Valentine's Day bursting with bloomin' emotions! Their glorious shape makes hydrangeas a popular choice for expressing love and admiration on this special day.

5. Lisanthethus

Last but not least, let's talk about lisianthus – the dreamy darlings of sweet romance. These lovelies with delicate petals and whimsical vibes turn your Valentine's Day into a fairy tale. Choose lisianthus for that sprinkle of magic, creating a dreamy atmosphere of love that's straight out of a romance novel! They also hold a similar shape to the classic roses - so they are the perfect Valentine’s Day dupe!

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Valentine’s Day flowers: FAQs 

What is the official flower of Valentine's Day?

It's none other than Roses! These lovelies are the reigning champions of love and the official ambassadors of Valentine's Day.

What is a unique flower for Valentine's Day?

A unique pick for Valentine’s Day flowers are native flowers! These floral beauties like waratah, king protea and banksia menzi are just as romantic and appreciated as the classic red roses & orientals and are less likely to sell out as quickly!

What is the official flower for February?

The official flowers for February are Violets and Irises! The month of february is represented by these blossoms that carry a meaningful message of loyalty and faithfulness.

More information: birth flowers by month & their meanings

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