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What Flower Looks Like A Rose But Isn't?

Roses are the most beloved and iconic flowers in the world. Their elegant beauty and vibrancy have the ability to brighten up any room or occasion. They can also be paired with almost any flower bouquet, making them super versatile. If roses aren’t your favourite or you’re simply looking for something different, you may be wondering, what flower looks like a rose but isn’t? There are a variety of vibrant flowers that are similar to roses, although still beautifully unique. After all, a rose by any other name would smell as sweet!

What flower looks like a rose but isn’t?

Reflexed rose

Did you know that there are certain varieties of Roses that are able to have their petals flipped and curled to make them look like a lush garden Rose? This technique is called reflexing, and is used to emphasise their natural beauty.


Peonies are not only a magnificent bloom, they are also known to stand the test of time! They feature an array of lucious and vibrant petals and a sweet fragrance. Peonies symbolise love, honour, happiness and beauty.


Tulips are a popular and unique alternative to roses. They come with an abundance of petals and are commonly seen in similar colours to roses including pink, red and purple. Double tulips will make the perfect gift for a loved one in your life.


Lisianthus have become a popular flower for celebrations, and look almost identical to roses. They feature delicate petals and come in a variety of stunning colours such as white, pink and purple. They symbolise love, respect, acceptance and purity. You can also commonly find them in our pastel bouquets when they’re in season.


Ranunculus also known as persian buttercups are simply charming. Their vibrant layers of dainty petals are sure to make a statement in the room! They symbolise happiness, joy, charm and purity.

Roses and more at BloomBar

If you’re feeling inspired by our list of ‘what flower looks like a rose but isn’t’, it's time to pick some fresh blooms! At BloomBar, we have a team of experienced florists who will finely curate the perfect bouquet for you! From bright flower arrangements and everlasting flowers to neutral flower arrangements. If you are looking to send flowers to a loved one or have any enquiries, please contact our City store or Marion store today. 

Is a peony a type of rose?

Peonies are often mistaken for roses and are sometimes even referred to as peony roses. However, peonies are not related to roses. They are a seasonal flower, whereas roses are grown year round.

What is the difference between roses and lisianthus?

Although roses and lisianthus look very similar, they are different. 

  • Lisianthus: have small yellow anthers in the middle and the petals bunch around the centre. They come in a variety of vibrant colours including pink, red and purple.

  • Roses: are more tightly bound and feature thick, lucious petals. Roses are available in pink, red and white shades. 

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