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The Zodiacs: Scorpio’s Flower

Scorpios, the bold spirits of the zodiac, this one’s for you - your birth flower is the geranium. Curious to know why geraniums are the Scorpio flower? Read on to find out.

Scorpio’s characteristics 

To learn about Scorpios birth flower, it's important to first understand the defining characteristics of the Scorpio sign. When it comes to positive traits, Scorpios are known for being:

  • Bold
  • Determined
  • Ambitious 
  • Humourous
  • Passionate
  • Protective

But, they can also be:

  • Jealous
  • Controlling
  • Stubborn 
  • Hot-headed

Scorpio’s flower: geraniums

What do geraniums symbolise?

Geraniums symbolise deep emotions, good health and resilience. They are associated with protection and security, warding off negative energy around them to create a sense of comfort. 

History of geraniums

Geraniums, previously known as pelargonium, are native to South Africa. When they reached Europe in the 17th century, they were introduced with the name they’re commonly known by today. Geraniums were believed to have healing powers and were often used to fight off bacterial infections. 

These fresh flowers were previously used for medical purposes and essential oils. They can still be found in cosmetics and perfumes thanks to their inviting fragrance. Geraniums were also commonly used as flavouring agents and became very popular ornamental plants in the 18th century. 

Why are Scorpios geraniums?

These determined individuals, born between October 23rd to November 21st, are full of mystery and passion. Despite being a water sign, Scorpios have a lot of hot, fiery energy which explains their ruling red plant, Mars. It’s in a Scorpio’s nature to be protective; this aligns with the protective symbolism of geraniums. 

Geraniums are versatile in nature and have the ability to thrive in a wide range of weather conditions. Similarly, Scorpios have the ability to adapt to their environment and navigate through life’s challenges with resilience and determination. 

Geraniums are multipurpose - useful for many things! Scorpios also have this resourceful characteristic; with their determination to make the best of every situation, they are not easily discouraged. 

What colour flowers do Scorpios like?

The perfect colour flowers to get Scorpios are dark red and purple. Scorpios are known for their intense and passionate nature so dark, bold tones like magenta are the perfect match with this vibrant sign!

Birthday flowers they’ll love

If you want to spoil a Scorpio or treat yourself, now is the perfect time to do so. At BloomBar, we offer a beautiful selection of birthday flowers in a variety of styles that cater to all. You can choose from eye-catching blooms that make a statement to more subtle and elegant arrangements. Shop flower bouquets online today or contact our Marion or City florists to create something with a more personal touch.

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