The Zodiacs: Taurus’ Flower

Taurus, the cosmic oxen, your birth flower is the lily (though we have to admit the poppy is a very close second). Why is the Taurus flower a lily, you ask? Read on to find out. 

Taurus’ characteristics

Before we get into Taurus’ birth flower, we need to see what makes a Taurus a Taurus! On the positive side, they’re:

  • Loyal
  • Independent
  • Steadfast
  • Generous

 But they can also be:

  • Stubborn
  • Lazy
  • Self-indulgent
  • Jealous

Taurus’ flower: the lily 

What does a lily symbolise?

While lilies typically represent purity, fertility and rebirth, each variety actually has its own special meaning:

  • White lily: purity, commitment and rebirth 
  • Pink lily: femininity, admiration, love
  • Red lily: passion and love
  • Orange lily: confidence, energy and positivity 
  • Yellow lily: thankfulness, joy and friendship

  • History of lilies

    Lilies have cropped up time and time again throughout history – it’s currently estimated that there’s about 80-100 species grown natively worldwide. Their name also comes from the old English word ‘lilie’ which itself comes from the Latin 'lilium’ and Greek ‘leirion’.

    In Ancient Egypt, lilies were believed to be sacred, meanwhile the Romans used them to fill their pillows. According to Greek mythology, lilies were also associated with Hera, the goddess of women, marriage and childbirth. When Hercules was born, Zeus wanted him to drink Hera’s milk, but because Hercules was born of another woman, she refused. So Zeus, being the mischievous god he was, brought Hercules to drink Hera’s milk while she was asleep. When she woke and realised, she pushed him away and the drops of milk that fell to the ground grew into lilies.

    Why is the birth flower of Taurus a lily?

    Born between the 20th April and 20th May, Taureans are absolute lords and ladies of luxury. They love nothing more than to be surrounded by serene environments and soothing aromas (like the lily’s sweet, sweet fragrance). Ruled by Venus, Taurus are complete romantics. They’re beautiful, sensual and rather enchanting – everything a lily is and more. But don’t let all this lovey-dovey-ness blind you. As the bull of the zodiacs, Taureans are steadfast and stubborn to boot. Like the lily, with its deep roots, durable nature and tall, thick stem, a Taurus is known to stand their ground. Once they’ve made a decision, they won’t budge. Don’t worry though, it’s not all bad. When you’re friends with or loved by a Taurus, you’ll be showered by love and generosity – and when they bloom, they really bloom (like the lovely lily). 

    Other Taurus zodiac flowers

    So we know the Taurus flower is a lily, but there are actually other flowers associated with this earth sign. They include the:

    • Poppy
    • Daisy
    • Violet
    • Rose

    Birthday flowers they’ll love

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