The Zodiacs: Leo’s Flower

Bright, colourful and bigger than life – it’s no wonder that Leo's flower is the gloriously golden sunflower. But what does a sunflower symbolise and why is it Leo’s birth flower? Read on to find out. 

Leo’s characteristics

Before we get into Leo’s zodiac flower, we need to take a little look at what makes a Leo a Leo! On the positive side, they’re: 

  • Confident
  • Loyal
  • Fiercely protective 
  • Sunny and big-hearted
  • Charmers

But they can also be:

  • Egotistic and vain
  • Stubborn
  • Restless
  • And they love to be the centre of attention

Leo’s flower: the sunflower

What does a sunflower symbolise?

Sunflowers symbolise loyalty, adoration, happiness and optimism. But they also carry different meanings across many cultures. In China, they symbolise vitality, good luck and vitality, and to Native Americans, they symbolise harvest and provision.

How did sunflowers get their name?

Sunflowers are so aptly named because they move to face the sun. So wherever the sun is, sunflowers are sure to be. The sunflower’s scientific name also happens to be helianthus, which comes from Greek’s word ‘helios’ which means ‘sun’ and ‘anthus’ which means ‘flower’. 


Sunflowers also played a role in Greek mythology. As the story goes, a nymph named Clytie was in love with Apollo, the God of Sun. While he loved her back (in the beginning), his eyes were led astray by another nymph. Angry and jealous, Clytie told the other nymph’s father and he buried his daughter alive as punishment. When Apollo found out, he was so mad that he turned Clytie into a sunflower. But because of her undying love and adoration, she watched Apollo move across the sky every day – just like sunflowers.

Why is Leo a sunflower?

Leos are born between the 23rd of July and 22nd of August. As a fire sign, Leos are full of life, mesmerisingly fun to be around, and love to be in the spotlight. They’re represented by a lion, so you only need to take one look at the mane-like petals of sunflowers to see why they’re Leo’s flower. Plus, like Leos, sunflowers follow the sunshine and have an innate warmth, fieriness and brightness to them. Able to grow up to heights of 2 metres, sunflowers stand out in flower fields – just like our beloved Leos. 

Other Leo zodiac flowers

So while sunflower is the prima donna flower of Leos, there are also a few other flowers that are associated with this fiery star sign. They include:

  • Marigolds
  • Dahlias
  • Safflowers
  • Clivias

Birthday flowers they’ll love

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