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The Zodiacs: Libra’s Flower

As natural born romantics, it’s little surprise that the lovely Libra’s flower is a rose. But what do roses symbolise and how are they the perfect match for these social butterflies? Read on to find out more about Libra’s birth flower.

Libra’s characteristics

rose is libra's flower

To really understand why Libra’s star sign flower is the rose, we need to take a quick look at who Libras are (both the good and the bad). Libras are:

  • Charming and sociable
  • Diplomatic
  • Thoughtful
  • Romantics

But they can also be:

  • Conflict avoidant
  • Indecisive
  • Impatient
  • Flighty

Libra’s flower: the rose

What does a rose symbolise?

While roses are best known for symbolising love and romance, each rose colour actually has its own special meaning.

Red roses: love, passion and commitment
Pink roses: gratitude, admiration, grace and joy
Yellow roses: warmth, happiness and joy
White roses: purity, grace and thoughtfulness
Orange roses: enthusiasm and energy

The history of roses

Roses have been around for almost 35 million years and there are well over 30,000 varieties. The Ancient Egyptians used roses as offerings to the gods, and Cleopatra even used them to romance and woo Roman general, Mark Antony. Roses were also adored by the Chinese imperial family and were being cultivated well into 500 BC. Then in 1485, Henry VII declared roses to be England’s national flower and in the 16th century, William Shakespeare penned one of his most famous lines about roses in his play, Romeo and Juliet.

Why is Libra a rose?

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, just like our beloved Libras. Born between the 23rd of September and 22nd of October, Libras are ruled by the passionate Venus, which makes them (you guessed it) complete and utter romantics. And as the universal symbol of love, it’s no wonder Libra’s flower is the rose. Represented by the scales (the only sign to have an inanimate object), Libras crave balance, harmony and beauty – and with nary a petal or twig out of place, roses are their perfect match. Just like a rose’s thorns, Libras are well-known for their razor sharp wit. They’re also social butterflies and natural born conversationalists who love to spread their wings – just like wild roses, which can bloom madly in any condition.

Other Libra zodiac flowers

While roses and Libras are synonymous, there are other flowers associated with these little romantics. Libra’s flowers also include:

  • Morning glory
  • Cosmos
  • Hydrangea
  • Daisy

Birthday flowers they’ll love

Got a birthday coming up and want to spoil a Libra with their own birth flower? We have a wide range of birthday flowers they’re sure to love, including our gorgeously radiant roses. Shop bright flower arrangements, pastel bouquets and everlasting flowers online, or get in touch with our team to create something unique and completely special. Contact the BB team in Marion or the City today.

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