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The Zodiacs: Aquarius’ Flower

Aquarius, free-spirited and eccentric, your birth flower is the orchid. Curious to see why? Read on to learn more about Aquarius’ flower.

Aquarius’ characteristics

To see why Aquarius’ flower is the orchid, we need to get into the nitty gritty of this air sign’s personality. So what makes an Aquarius tick? On the positive side, they’re:

  • Humanitarian
  • Independent
  • Intellectual
  • Unique

But they can also be:

  • Aloof and detached
  • Rebellious
  • Restless
  • Unpredictable

Aquarius’ flower: the orchid

What does an orchid symbolise?

Although orchids typically symbolise fertility, virility and sexuality, each colour holds its own special meaning too.

  • White orchids: innocence, purity, elegance and reverence
  • Pink orchids: femininity, grace and joy
  • Yellow orchids: friendship and new beginnings
  • Purple orchids: royalty and admiration
  • Orange orchids: pride, enthusiasm and boldness

History of orchids

As one of the oldest flowering plants in the world (thought to be over 100 million years old), it’s no surprise orchids have a rich history. In traditional Chinese medicine, orchids were often used to cure coughs and lung illnesses, while the Aztecs mixed them with chocolate and vanilla to create a strength-giving elixir.

In Ancient Greece, it was believed that parents could choose the sex of their child by eating certain parts of the plant. If the father ate the thick, fleshy tubers, the child would be a male. If the mother ate the smaller tubers, the child would be a female. One of the most popular species of orchids, Paphiopedilum, also derives from ‘Paphos’ – the name of the temple where Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, was worshipped.

the aquarius flower is an orchid

Why is the Aquarius birth month flower an orchid?

Born between the 20th January and 18th February, Aquarians are the thinkers and humanitarians of the zodiacs. They’re ruled by Uranus (the planet that governs technology and innovation), so their heads are often in the clouds. Quite fitting considering some species of orchids don’t grow in the soil, but high above ground attached to trees or rocks. While this might make them seem a little aloof at times, this air sign is deeply rooted in community and friendship, and believes in making the world a better place.

Represented by the water bearer, Aquarians are free-spirited and incredibly empathetic – so don’t be surprised if they’re always the ones filling your life cup when it seems a little empty. Plus they’re quite alluring, a perfect match for the orchid’s sweet and musky scent. With their willowy stalks, unique shapes, variety of colours and patterns that range from striped and dotted to ombre, orchids are known to be pretty unique. Rather like our exuberant Aquarians who don’t shy away from standing out from the crowd.

Other Aquarius zodiac flowers

While the orchid is a perfect match for this star sign, there are other Aquarius flowers that come very close. They include:

  • Snowdrop
  • Viola
  • Verbena
  • Freesia

Birthday flowers they’ll love

Thinking of surprising an Aquarius or treating yourself? We have a gorgeous range of blooms and flower bouquets that are sure to delight. From native flowers to exotic orchids, our range of birthday flowers has something for everyone. Shop flowers online today or get in touch with our Marion or City team today to create something a little more unique just like the Aquarius in your life.

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